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There are a lot of websites about professional shogi. But the main part of its use japanese language. It is real problem, but if you use e-translator or have a good practice in work with characters it is possible to find usefull and interesting information about professionals, tournaments and other shogi events.

Probably the best english language resource devoted to professional shogi. Information about current pro tournaments, Nihon Shogi Renmei, professionals begin from 4 dan, title matches results during last years, games with comments.

Website of Japan Shogi Association gives a lot of information concearning shogi events, news, announcements, tournament results, statistics, shogi plaeyrs and other. Resource in Japanese language.

Real alternative for Nihon Shogi Renmei. Information on Kansai Shogi is very interesting also. May be Kansai Shogi is more comfortable for users then Nihon Shogi Renmei in some nuances. On-line shop, magazine, materials for beginners, links. Resource in Japanese language.

Weekly shogi news. Information about current shogi professional events. Resource in Japanese language.

Very good website about women shogi. Information about women tournaments, players, tournament shedule, links. Resource in Japanese language.


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