Computer shogi programmes are very usefull. It is a good opportunity to improve level of play, to learn some openings and you can play with such programmes at any time. Shogi computer programmes has no such level as "Deep Blue" in chess - programme wich beat former world chess champion Garry Kasparov. But shogi soft has quite good level for amateur players. Try to play, win and get a pleasure!

One of the best computer shogi programmes created by Kunihito Hoki in 2004. Its level of play are estimated as 4-5 amateur dan. Board reverse, move retraction, evaluation of current position. Handicap play. Bonanza will take part in 16th World Computer Shogi Championship in Japan in May 2006. English language.

Former participant of World Computer Shogi Championship. Ten levels of play, solving tsume, evaluation of position, board reverse, move retraction. Sekita is very good opponent to play. English language.

Last version of shogi computer programme by Reijer Grimbergen. Participant of 6th World Computer Shogi Championship. Five levels. Reverse position, move retraction. It is good to play.

Simple shogi computer programme version 1.55a by Steve Evans. A lot of options. It is good for beginners because it is possible to see legal moves, treats and last move. Programme has a lot of shogi variants. Level of difficulty weak and less weak.


By materials of japanese resources


Andrei Kasperovich, 2006

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