There are a lot of information in different languages that you can’t understand. In some cases it is a real problem. How to solve it? There are two ways. You can learn languages you need. It is really very good way – you will understand all information in all details. But it needs a lot of time and you can’t learn many foreign languages. The second way is to use on-line translator. It can’t give you information in all details and some part of information will not understand for you. But you can save a lot of time and find interesting information and materials quickly.

Usefull online translator. Babelfish from Altavista can translate text and website. It has those advanvantages and shortcomings that were told before.

Free online translation of texts, Web sites and e-mails for English, German, French, Spanish and Russian languages. Some services are available for Portuguese and Italian languages. PROMT offers also WAP translation for mobile users.



By materials of japanese resources


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